Human resources

Society is staffed by the qualified technical personnel, the certified experienced workers and machine operators of various specialties.
The average number of workers makes 2605 people, including: technical officers and employees of the 655th person, workers

1 950 workers
  • 268 electric welders
  • 965 assemblers
  • 50 non-destructive testing inspectors
  • 34 others

LLC GSI Volgogradskaya NZM has the Educational and methodical center.

It is created for the purpose of implementation of vocational education, an examination, the tolerance of working main professions to operations on manufacture, mounting, adjustment, service and repair of technical devices (machines and the equipment) used on hazardous production facilities of persons under surveillance to Rostekhnadzor.

For inservice training as teachers the trained and certified specialists, and highly qualified workers of LLC GSI Volgogradskaya NZM and the third-party organizations are attracted properly.

The firm has also created the center of certification of welders. For especially responsible works, the electric welders certified for the American standards with participation of independent international experts are involved in joint projects with foreign firms.
The firm has the educational and methodical center where her workers and technical officers undergo training and an examination in rules of carrying out installation and repair work at fire and explosion hazardous and gas dangerous productions.
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