History of the company

The GSI limited liability company the Volgograd firm "Neftezavodmontazh", the former assembly management Neftezavodmontazh Himmontazh, was organized in June, 1944 in the city of Grozny for recovery of the objects destroyed by war oil processing, petrochemical, oil, gas and other industries of the North Caucasus. In March, 1956 according to the order of the Government assembly management Neftezavodmontazh was transferred to the city of Stalingrad (nowadays Volgograd) on construction of facilities of oil processing, petrochemical, oil, gas industries, objects of promstroymaterial, etc.
In May, 1992 Specialized consolidation Himmontazh which part the Volgograd assembly management Neftezavodmontazh was "Was transformed to joint-stock company with a property repurchase right, and management Neftezavodmontazh is renamed into the Volgograd firm "Neftezavodmontazh".

Authorized capital of society makes 14 744 198 (Fourteen million seven hundred forty four thousand hundred ninety eight) rubles.
The GSI limited liability company the Volgograd firm "Neftezavodmontazh" today, is the largest assembly organization in Russia, both on personnel number, and on amounts of completed work.


By own efforts the firm carries out:
Mounting of a technological and construction metalwork of different function
Installation of processing equipment
Protection of designs against corrosion with application of sanding preparation of surfaces under coloring, with use of modern import paints and varnishes
Mounting and repair of technological pipelines, pipelines of gas, steam and hot water on objects petrochemical, chemical and oil and gas extraction industries
Installation of reservoirs for storage of oil products of gas in reservoir from 100 m3 to 100000 m3 by method of half-devout assembly and from rolled procurements
Installation and repair of the main pipelines
Quality management system - ISO 9001:2000. Certificate of TUV NORD CERT No. 04 100 001382-002